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2/26/2003 - News
- The Music are playing Coachella!!! Fuck, yeah!
Line Up
Hot Hot Heat /The Libertines/Ben Kweller/Blur/The White Stripes/The Von Bondies/The Mooney Suzuki/Division of Laura Lee/The Mars Volta/Interpol/Beastie Boys/Primal Scream/Red Hot Chilli Peppers/Queens of the Stone Age/Badly Drawn Boy/The Rapture/Ben Folds/Underworld (Darren Emerson is playing too)/Sonic Youth/Gomez /Rooney/The Soundtrack of Our Lives/The Polyphonic Spree/Idlewild/South/Groove Armada/Dirty Vegas/Fischerspooner
- The Music will be on Last Call w/ Carson Daly.
- The Music on Fader mag along w/ The Libertines & The Rapture.
- Mini section on them on the MTV website.
- The Coral on Dave Letterman this Friday!
- I'm going to see The Streets, 3/11! Wahey!
- Good ol' buddies The Music & The Vines will be touring the US together again!
- Like Ben Kweller? Check out pics from the instore I went to.
- Free OK Go show @ noon tomorrow, UCLA. Free Juliana Theory show @ noon 3/3, UCLA. I'll be there.

1/31/2003 - News
- An article on Brit Rock on SPIN including The Music, The Libertines, The Coral and The Cooper Temple Clause! Wahey! The cover is Dashboard Confessional. What's up with the obsession w/ crying men?
- Aww... Aren't they so CUTE?

- Robster and Craiggers on the cover of Snoozer.

- My current favourite picture.

- They really can't get enough of each other. Go to this website and watch The Music make Craiggers drink a cocktail that they've made. I love how he falls to the ground. haha.
- The Music on Dave Letterman on March 18!! Mark ya calenders.
- Okay so The Coral are doing a show @ The Troubadour in March but I'll be in Tokyo... How sucky is that and to make things better I'll be missing The Libertines show in Tokyo!! Boo...
- Did I tell you that I went to see the free Coldplay gig @ Hollywood the other day? Well, I did and it was amazing. And guess who I saw there? Gwyneth Paltrow. Enough said. And they are doing a show at the Hollywood Bowl as KROQ says.
Set List
In My Place
- Radiohead might be headlining Coachella this year and BK is playing for sure!! The Music should come and play as well!
- I'm going to see Phantom Planet next week! For details on the show, go to my Blog, Skeleton Key.

1/18/2003 - Random News
- Can I just tell you, I'm gonna cry? Chris needs to find a better gal. This is what Bobby from Primal Scream had to say about it.
- NME's 2003 Hot List. Since when are crying men cool? No one knows....
- Sweatmaster rox my world.
- I love the jeevas. Crispian Mills is still a prince. Andy being heir.

1/17/2003 - News

- This is why I love Phil Jordan.
- A teeny article on The Music on Stuff magazine.
- Headlining US dates! No LA date... Sadness. Even worse no Coldplay date for LA. Deeper sadness.
2/19/2003 Toronto, ON CANADA Lee's Palace
2/21/2003 New York, NY USA Bowery Ballroom
2/22/2003 Boston, MA USA Paradise Rock Club
- The Truth Is No Words CD and DVD out on Feb. 17 in the UK!
1. The Truth Is No Words
2. What's It For
3. Turn Out The Light (Live At Blank Canvas)
4. The Truth Is No Words (Video)
1. The Truth Is No Words (Live At Blank Canvas) - Video
2. Live Footage from Blank Canvas - Video
3. Too High (Live At Blank Canvas) - Audio
- Hot Hot Heat rocks my world.
- The pics from KROQ's Acoustic Christmas and K-Rock Claus Fest shows Craigggers Vines wearing a The Music shirt. Makes Craig a teeny bit cooler.

1/12/2003 - News

- The Music currently on tour... Check out the dates in The Gigs section.
- 4 page article on Q about when the boys were in Japan.
- The Truth Is No Words vid is on the official website!

11/20/2002 - Random News

- I love Mike Skinner.
- Is Ok Go auditioning for Ash's film "Slashed"?
- Fuck me, my hero Ben Kweller is coming to Japan in March.... I finally get to meet sha sha in person! BK will be on Last Call on the 26th.
- So this is what The Strokes looked like when they first started out....
- I can't believe I still fancy the man....
- Does anyon have extra tix for the Something Corporate show on 11/22 or 11/23 in LA? If you do, e-mail me!!!!
- You know, maybe The Vines are a bit overrated but I like them cos I do like some of their songs and Craig is an artsy psycho like me. He makes the best faces too.
- Wanna see the cutest thing ever?
- Will Coldplay please come do a show in LA, so I can see The Music??? Maybe I'll beg Gwyneth... I do want a Make Trade Fair shirt though. Coldplay are hot! I personally like Guy.
- Fabster from The Strokes has no hair..... Is he trying to be Dashboard Confessional?
- Will someone make me a shirt that says "Blur is Gorillaz without Graham."
- Victoria Beckham's brain cells are going fast along w/ her hubby's. Dude, we need him for the next World Cup.
- Angelina Jolie is back together w/ Jonny Lee Miller... and I thought I was going to marry him. What the kjdsfalkdjf?
- Jamie Oliver has officially gone mad....

- The Troubadour show was awesome. Read about it on the live section. Pix too.
- The Vines dates start on Tuesday. Go and see The Music "support" them. I personally think it should be the other way around.
- The Music will be supporting Coldplay in their Jan-Feb 2003 US Tour. Apparently, they aren't coming to LA... Er... That really really sux.
- Getaway come out on Monday in the UK. Go and buy it!!!!!!
- Kerrang gave Getaway 3 stars.
- The Music's debut album comes out on 2/13/03 in the US. Yes, that's in quite a while.
- If you live in LA and if you are thinking of buying The Vines album, go to PUG'Z in Westwood. You can get a free promo copy of "Take The Long Road And Walk It."
- People who live in the UK, go and see Flogging Molly. They are great. Dave King is a funny bastard.
- 2 page article on the Streets on the new Faded magazine. Awesome pic of Jack White too.
- My personal hero and skater god, Spike Jonze's new film "Adaptation" comes out soon.... Hopefully, I'll be able to go to the premire.

- The Music start working on their second album. Read full story on NME.
- The US is going The Street's crazy. His video has been on MTV2 and there's a 1 page article on him on the new SPIN magazine w/ Eminem on the cover.
- Ad of Rooney's 12/27 concert on the new LA Weekly. Go see them if you live in LA. Yes, the singer of Rooney, Robert Carmine is the little brother of Jason Schwartzman, actor of Rushmore & Slackers and drummer of Phantom Planet. Robert can be seen in The Princess Diaries as well. Both of them are related to Coppola. A little pix of The Music on the Troubadour page as well.
- I'm going to go see Flogging Molly and Andrew W.K. later today. hahaha.
- I think that The Coral should tour here or Japan cos I want to see them live. Tell me about the gigs if you've seen them live.

- Vote for The Music's "Take the Long Road and Walk It" video on MTV2's Rock Countdown. So at least they get some airplay in the US, since Capitol doesn't seem to be doing anything. Hmmm.....
- No extra dates on any of the Japan tour dates (confirmed by record company) which really sucks cos I won't be home til the 13th so I'll miss the Tokyo date. boo.
- Check out the quiz section of this site and find out which The Music member you are.
- There's an article on The Streets' LA show on the new LA Weekly. There's also a tiny article on Rooney.
- The new Sum 41 video makes fun of The Strokes & The Hives. It's pretty funny.

- Rob Harvey was chosen as the 31st cool person in rock by NME. Go him! Jack White was No.1.
-So, there's a 1 page article on The Streets on the new Rolling Stone w/ the hoish picture of you know who. Apparently, she's trying to be like her idol, Madonna. Not quite...

- More US tour dates w/ The Vines are up!
11/19/2002 - Philadelphia, PA - TLA (Opening for The Vines)
11/20/2002 - Pittsburgh, PA - Metopol (Opening for The Vines)
11/22/2002 - Providence, RI - Lupos (Opening for The Vines)
11/23/2002 - New Haven, CT - Toad? Place (Opening for The Vines)
11/24/2002 - Old Bridge, NY - Birch Hill Nite Club (Opening for The Vines)
11/26/2002 - Toronto, ONT - Kool Haus (Opening for The Vines)
11/27/2002 - Cleveland, OH - Agora Theatre (Opening for The Vines)
11/29/2002 - Toledo, OH - The Mission (Opening for The Vines)
11/30/2002 - Columbus, OH - Newport (Opening for The Vines)
12/1/2002 - Cincinnati, OH - Bogart? (Opening for The Vines)
12/2/2002 - Champaign, IL - Foellinger Auditorium (Opening for The Vines)
12/4/2002 - Grand Rapids, MI - Orbit Room (Opening for The Vines)
12/5/2002 - Milwaukee, WI - The Rave (Opening for The Vines)
12/6/2002 - Minneapolis, MN - First Ave/Quest (tbd) (Opening for The Vines)
- Am I the only one that thinks The Streets (Mark Skinner) are/is hot?

-New messageboard is up. You get to pick your icons. It's pretty cool.

-This website is launched. Whoo Hoo. (sorta like Song 2)
- The Music's next single is Getaway. Released on 11/18. B-side will be Dragon Song.
- The Music will be supporting The Vines after their headlining North American gigs! I'll post the dates as soon as they are official.
- For those of you who live the States, the new MTV2 Handpicked features The Music's Take The Long Road And Walk It as well as tunes by Phantom Planet, The Vines & Hives, Doves, Ok Go and etc. Check it out here.
- New merchandise can be purchased at their Official Website. I like the Rob and the dove shirt. It's cute.