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8/1/2002 Harajuku Astro Hall Tokyo, Japan
By Mariko

Yes, the day I've been waiting for! I've heard from a bunch of people that The Music is a really great band live so I was incredibly hyped despite the HOT, GROSS weather outside. Got inside the venue (wasn't any cooler) and remembered that I had come to see Saves the Day last year but it didn't feel this small as the place was packed today. Anyways, I was in the 8,9th row but could see pretty well. Show started a few minutes after 7. Lots of screaming and yelling as the guys came out. Rob was wearing an Adidas soccer jersey and shorts. Stuart, black shirt & jeans. Couldn't really see Adam but pretty sure he was wearing a brownish shirt & jeans. Phil was wearing an Atari shirt (cute) and shorts. As soon as they started their first song the whole crowd started dancing along with Rob's crazy dance moves. Within minutes, the whole place turned into a HUGE dance floor well not quite cos their music is not exactly dance music so better to say rock concert/dance club. Without much breaks, the show went on and Rob continued to sing his heart out. Everytime a song ended, Rob would thank the audience in Japanese and you could really tell that he was a polite young lad. Stu kept on looking up and around at the audience and smiled a couple times with satisfaction. The place went CRAZY when they played "The People" and I also got carried away and ended up in the 2,3 row after the song. Couldn' really see Adam but he didn't really look up and was concentrating on playing. My favorite part of the gig was when Rob sang "Alone" on his acoustic guitar. V. beautiful song written by Rob about his girlfriend. I just have to say that Phil Jordan is a MARVELOUS drummer. I couldn't explain to you in words about how talented and fabulous he is, you just HAVE to hear it for yourself. You'll know what I mean when you hear him live. They ended with "Disco" and came back out for an encore "Take the Long Road and Walk It." Yeah, my favorite song. (has great lyrics and love the chorus) The crowd went MAD again one last time. I swear to God it was the BEST gig I've ever been to. With their killer sound, Rob's groovy voice/dance moves and Phil's excellent drum technique, needless to say that they will be the next BEST thing.

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