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1/25/03 - Big Day Out - Sydney, Australia
By Eve

Hi my name's Evelyn Meredith and I'm from Sydney Australia. I saw The Music play at our rock festival; the Big Day Out last weekend (Jan 25) and they FUCKING ROCKED! They were so good live! They also did an instore signing the day before which I went to and got my cd signed...but photos aswell. Anywho just thought that you might want to know that The Music ROCKED SYDNEY hard. Their funky beats and Zepplin-sounding vocals accompanied with Robs FANTASTIC dance moves, (aswell as the one-off hump of the mic stand which I found funny) were intense. I was personally blown away and I could see many other people apart from myself breaking it down and really getting into dancing and having a mad time!!! The Music really take you away live, they definately have a stage presence. When they played The People, the crowd went nuts! It was a 45 min set but it seemed like ten minutes, I wanted it to go on forever... in any case it was the highlight of my day at the festival, even though I saw many other rockin bands i would have to say The Music, at least for me, stole the show.

Thanks Eve for your report! :)

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