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1/19 & 24-25/03 - Big Day Out/Sydney Metro Show - Sydney, Australia
By Nina

Ok my report is from the gold coast big day out, the sydney big day out, and the sydney metro show. 19th, 24th, 25th.
first things first.. i scored a setlist from the gold coast show, then got it signed by the boy on the 24th! best day of my life.. now i have a signed poster, setlist, and 2 cds. the fellas are so nice and friendly...anyway, the songs they played at all the big days outs are as follows:

the dance
jag tune
the people
the walls get smaller

and the metro show were the same and about 10 more, including alone, getaway, float, turn out the light, etc. these shows were the highlights of my life, (granted i am only 18) they absolutely went off, the boys were incredibly nice, robs dancing was awesome and phil can really play the drums... i told the boys how i scored a setlist by bribing a security guard with a smoke, and they laughed.. they looked hot (it was a 40 degree day) but like they were having fun. the gold coast show was small, like people didnt realise what band they were seeing. the vines played at the same time, so that could have explained it. anyway, once the people and ttlrawi were played the crowd fully got into it, especially after robs urging to "dance dance!" the sydney metro was pure heavan, rob interacted with the audience a bit more, and the signiature octopus dance was there. everyone was dancing along, it went off. highlights included alone, getaway and float.
the sydney bdo was an open air stage, instead of a tent (at gold coast) and the crowd were fully into it, after hearing how the music are the "must see" band of 2003. rob was followed around by a camera filming for our aussie music channel, and he looked in his element. phil couldnt stop smiling, and adam loked like he was lost in his own little world. being up the front for each show (against the fence) i could see it all, and it was amazing. i think stu hurt his finger at the sydney show, he looked in pain. anyway happy bday stu! the crowd wanted more after each performance, and everyone who saw them in australia wants them to come back! good luck conquering the world boys, cos you have certainly conquered australia!
nina smith

Thanks to Nina for the review.

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