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Music Survey

What band/artist have you been playing the most this month?
Hot Hot Heat/Make Up The Breakdown and The Libertines/Up the Bracket.

What was the last CD you bought?
The Mooney Suzuki/Electric Sweat

Do you like mix tapes/CDs?
Yup, especially cheesy ones with like early 90's and hair band songs on it.

What genres of music do you most enjoy?
Anything except for RnB and commercial pop.

What song/album/artist do you play in the bath?
The Strokes/is This It

Name a band/song that is special to you, and explain why.
Beck cos I want to be like him and The Music. Ash/Shing Light cos it's me and Josh's song.

Have you ever been certain a song was written just for you?
"Jude Law and a Semester Abroad" - Brand New
So tell all the English boys you meet about the American boy back in the States/The American boy you used to date/Who would do anything you say/The weather is getting better by the hour/I hope it rains there all the time/And if you ever said you miss me then don't say you never lied/I'm without you.
"Girl From Mars" - Ash
I remember the time /I knew a Girl From Mars /I don't know if you knew that /Oh we'd stay up late playing cards/Henri Winterman Cigars/Though she never told me her name/I still love you Girl From Mars

What song never fails to make you cry?
I don't really cry a lot but Idioteque by Radiohead makes me really emotional.

If you could go on stage with anyone + duet with them; who would it be, what song would you sing, and why?
Any Moulin Rouge song with Ewan McGregor!! Skeleton Key with The Coral cos it'll be fun.

Does your style match your music taste?
I guess so...

What band/song could you never get bored of?
Anything by The Music and Radiohead.

What song would you like to have dirty rough sex to?
A Moby song... just kidding. Any at the drive-in song.

What song would you like to make love to someone to?
A Coldplay song? Preferably The Scientist or Trouble.

What band/artist/song makes your ears bleed?
R n B, commercial pop and rap which isn't The Streets or Beastie Boys.

List five bands + a song of theirs that you love (in no particular order):
- The Music - Rain Dance, The Walls Get Smaller
- Radiohead - Karma Police, Idioteque, Fake Plastic Trees
- Saves the Day - Jessie and My Whetstone, The Way His Collar Falls, All I'm Losing Is Me
- Something Corporate - Konstantine, I Wanna Save You, You're Gone
- The Vines - Factory, Miss Jackson, Outtathaway!, Sunshinin'

If you had a band - what would you call them and what would be your role?
Spike Jonze and Me. Drums although I can't play.

Who would you do a support slot for?
Basically any band that we like.

Have you ever been in love with a song/band?
First love was Blur, then Radiohead, Ash, Weezer, Coldplay, Saves the Day, The Strokes, The Music and now Hot Hot Heat.

Is there any song that you just can't bare to listen to because of the memories? (if so, what + why)
Anything by the Bakcstreet Boys cos I used to be a HUGE fan of them back in the day. I claimed I was going to marry Nick Carter. Don't tell anyone.