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Name On Birth Certificate: Mariko Okada
Nicknames: Mark,
School & Location: UCLA - LA, Cali or Tokyo, Japan
Email address:
Colour of eyes: Brown.
Hair: Flippy and dark brown but I wish it was red.
Height: er 5'3"
Shoe Size: 8
Brothers/Sisters: No, just my doggies.
You live with: my roomie and adam occassionally.
------------------HAVE YOU EVER------------------
Missed school Bus coz it was raining: never rode school bus.
Put a body part on fire for amusement: my hair.
Been in a car accident: not really but I ran over tons of bushes at a parking lot.
Been hurt emotionally: yes
Kept a secret from everyone: Always.
Had an imaginary friend: Yes, Donnie and Darko.
Cried during a Movie: Green eggs and ham. Sam I am.
had a crush on a teacher: yes, Mr.Biehn and currently Christian cos he looks like Guy Ritchie and my Russian Cinema prof cos he uses cute British expressions.
Ever thought an animated character was hot: Peter Pan is my hero.
Had a New Kids on the Block Single: nope.
Been on stage: Yeah but I don't like it. I'd rather be backstage.
Cut your hair: Yes, now I have flippy floppy hair, sort of.
Been sarcastic: Always.
Shampoo: Pantene.
Soap: the apple foamy soap that Jackie got.
Color: weezer green.
Day/Night: nite
Summer/Winter: Summer
Cartoon Characters: Spongebob Squarepants
Fave Food: French, Italian, Indian, Thai and ice cream w/ Chris
Fave Movie: fight club, being john malkovich, donnie darko, clockwork orange, trainspotting, a life less ordinary, amelie, the boondock saints
Fave Ice Cream: Godiva ice cream w/ the little caramel chocolate inside.
Fave Subject: Art and Film.
------------------RIGHT NOW------------------
Wearing: plaid pants, red adidas shoes, shirt, tie and wristband.
Eating: Gum
Drinking: i want grape juice!
Thinking about: reading my italian cinema reader.
* Listening to: Saves the Day/Can't Slow Down.
Talking to: My buddies.
---------------IN THE LAST 24 HRS------------------
Cried: nope
Worn a skirt: nope
Met someone New: Yeah
Cleaned your room: are you kidding?
Done laundry: in the last 48 hours yes.
Drove a car: nope.
---------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN------------------
Yourself: yes which is good.
Your friends: depends on who.
Santa Claus: sadly no.
Tooth Fairy: yes cos i believe in fairies like tinker bell.
Angels: meaning Philly or Chris? of course i do.
Ghosts: I see one right now.
UFO's: I came here on one of those.
----------------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: nope.
Like anyone? yes, the cute floppy haired ice cream eater.
Who have u known the longest of your friends: my dogs. haha.
Who's the loudest: i don't associate w/ loud people.
Who's the shyest: Christopher Robin.
Who's the weirdest: me
Who do you go to for advice: me
Who do you cry with: i never cry.
When do you cried the most: like i've said, i don't cry.
Whats the best feeling in the world: going to see bands that i like. knowing that i have been in contact with God aka Spike Jonze.
Worst Feeling: watching shitty films and hearing r n b songs.