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Isn't Beck the cutest?
Name: Mariko
AOL IM: FilmDork1977
My Blogger: Skeleton Key
Fave The Music Songs: Rain Dance/Alone/The Walls Get Smaller/Let Love Be The Healer/What's It For
Fave Bands: The Music/The Strokes/Radiohead/The Coral/Nirvana/Smashing Pumpkins/The Cooper Temple Clause/Ash/The Vines/The White Stripes/Phantom Planet/Ok Go/The Libertines/Supergrass/Hot Hot Heat/The Moldy Peaches/BRMC/The Coral/Adam Green/Ben Kweller/Coldplay/Mew/Longwave/The Jeevas/Doves/Blur/Muse/Travis/Beck/Flogging Molly/Something Corporate
Fave Filmmakers: Darren Aronofsky/David Fincher/Guy Ritchie/Spike Jonze/Michel Gondry/John Waters
Fave Films: Trainspotting/Seven/Clockwork Orage/The Man Who Wasn't There/Fight Club/Pulp Fiction/Nightmare Before Christmas/The Boondock Saints/Requiem for a Dream/Being John Malkovich/ Moulin Rouge/Memento/Hedwig & the Angry Inch/Adaptation/Human Nature
Fave Actors: Ewan McGregor/Jude Law/Jonny Lee Miller/Rhys Ifans/Edward Norton/Steve Buchemi /Gael Bernal Garcia

Surveys By Me
The Great Procrastination Survey 2003 Music Survey

Current Playlist...
American Life - Madonna
Untitled New Song - The Music
I'm Easy - Brendan Benson
Witch Craft- The Coral
Am I Wry? No - Mew
Computer Show - Adam Green
Bruised - The Bens
Return - Ok Go
Sweater Song - Ben Kweller
Crazy Beat - Blur
Ambulance vs. Ambulance - The Blood Brothers
Tokyo Vogue - Hot Hot Heat
Miss Jackson - The Vines
Silver - Whirlwind Heat
Dreaming of You - The Libertines
Black Rooster - The Kills
and live recordings of Hail to the Thief